Let's go on an adventure, with a camera.

I started as a family photographer for my large, fun-loving family. We covered walls in our home with framed portraits from reunions. We pulled out albums at every holiday and marveled at the baby photos and weddings from years past. We turned out all the lights for long slideshows. That snick-click of the projector was the soundtrack. We laughed and shared stories.

Photographs are more than photographs. They are time travel. They are stories. They are the rush of memories that finds us with each little detail. 

My sessions are a collaboration with each and every client. What story do you want to share today? I give more than the time we invest actually taking the photos, I invest my time before our session getting to know you and your family. I invest time editing every image for light and color. I invest time supporting you with print ordering, products, and album design.

Because I love you. I don't know you yet, but I love you. I love your kids and your life together. It's true.

I would love to show you how your family looks at you, show how you look at your loved ones. You are the most important person in the world to someone. Let's catch that story.

I live in Nevada City, California. I visit Auburn, Sacramento, Tahoe, Reno, or beyond (travel fees may apply for longer distances). I look forward to meeting you!

Packages start at $100. Email me lenka@lenkaland.com for more information.

PS- Each month I share ideas that inspire me for Outside the Box sessions (such as Grandparent Love or Kids in their Rooms). You may want to book me so we can collaborate, or use the ideas to take your own photos. I am happy to share inspiration. Really, that's how I roll. 'Like' Lenkaland Photography for ideas that may inspire your photography too. We can all be Family Historians together!

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