Everyone loves a movie. Google and Facebook, especially, give movies special attention when they share websites. A modern, stylish movie connects businesses and craftspeople with audiences. This day and age no longer needs the flashy commercials of the past. Today's videos combine interviews with stunning imagery. They are liked, shared, and discovered for months (even years) after the initial posting.

Today, you will not need to learn camera techniques, figure out how to stabilize shaky video, understand software, and debug social media in order to have your movie. Nevada County now has a professional and dedicated movie-maker that wants to see local businesses and craftspeople thrive. 

Giovanni is inspired by video. He loves getting into the community and sharing the best that we have to offer with the world. Browse his favorite options for video creating. If you have a unique vision, he would love to chat with you!

Your Promotional Movie

Your story deserves being told in a way that inspires your audience. Combine visual imagery with an interview to share your vision and brand. These videos are optimized for social media. Let your audience share your message with their friends. Your video includes a consultation with Giovanni via phone, Skype, or in person. You collaborate to create a 2-5 minute video which is available via a secure online download. If you would like to learn how to best use your video with social media, Giovanni is a passionate social media rockstar that will help get your video in front of as many viewers as possible (see the add-on consultation at the end of the page).


Instagram Ready Movie

Instagram loves movies! Recent updates extended the length of an Instagram movie to one minute. Add a few hashtags, and your movie can be discovered by Instagram users all over the world. These movies are a perfect length, sharing your story with stunning imagery. Includes a consultation, filming, and movie available via secure download.

Are you new to Instagram? A social media crash course with Giovanni is just what you need. He can explain all the features of Instagram and how to best use your video to promote your business. Our Instagram has over 32,000 followers. He can help you start an account or make the most of an account you already have. Scroll to the end of the page for more details.


Long Form Movie

Do you have a longer story to share? Do you have a unique business or brand that connects with people through multiple interviews and locations? This is ideal for events and marketing yourself or business.

Giovanni loves bringing together ideas to create a movie that shows your ideas in their very best light. He works diligently through consultation, up to three locations, and multiple interviews to create a 7-15 minute movie that will give audiences valuable information. These are perfect for brand awareness or long-term vision when you want to give more depth and content to your viewers. Your movie is hosted on private servers for easy sharing and downloading. USB drives are available at additional cost. 

Not sure how to use your movie online? Add a consultation with Giovanni and he'll walk your through the process of uploading and sharing to the most popular social media outlets (see the Consultation at the end of this page).


Event Highlight Reel

Are you hosting an event that could bring attention to your brand or business? Would you like to share your event with dynamic images, then see long term returns on that event's movie?

Four years ago, we posted a movie to YouTube about a local Children's Festival. It continues to see hundreds of views each year in the month leading up to the event as people find it while internet surfing for information about the festival. Movies live long after a social media post or photo is buried in a newsfeed.

Giovanni attends your event (up to two hours), films important moments, then creates a 3-5 minute highlights movie that inspires your online audience. These films are usually shared by anyone appearing at the event (bands and artists), which leads to more online sharing. 

Give your event a movie that showcases all the hard work that you put into planning and organizing. From concerts to street fairs, he documents all the best memories.


Social Media Consultation

Your movies need an audience. Giovanni is passionately curious about social media, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more. He has successful business pages and accounts across multiple platforms. He wants your movie to be successful. If getting your movie posted seems like an enormous challenge, he would love to help. He is available for coaching, account setup, questions, and/or planning. He is the rare personality that is both tech-savvy and personable. We all want Nevada County businesses to be successful! ...including our own :)

$100 an hour


Last but not least. Community. I love my community and will often film events at no cost for organizations or events that transcend monetary value. Simply because I feel compelled to capture the moment to share with others and hope to inspire a sense of joy or wonderment. Such was the film below. An ugly event that ignited a movement of love and appreciation for one another.   

Giovanni is happy to create custom bundles and packages that fit your unique business or brand. Click here to email him to connect and collaborate!

Coming Soon... Viral Media, INK : a spectacular new way to promote your business or brand